Websites, Bookkeeping, and Social Media management

Websites, Bookkeeping, and Social Media management


I have been in and around the business side of the world for about 50 years now. I have held a Senior Reactor Opertors license for 3 commercial nuclear power plants and have gold and platinum records on my wall. I have held most every available role in the music buisness and have owned, operated, and supported various business entities.  I have been a promoter, manager, graphic designer, merchandise company, recording studio, record label, booking agent,  bookkeeper, etc. along the way. Some have been successful and some not, and I learned from both. You can click here to read a more detailed bio but it is all of that experience that helps me be able to provide support roles for businesses today. It takes a good team to succeed in most any business. Is it time to start building yours?


I have been involved in both technical and artistic sides of business. Combining those two puts me in a good position to create websites that not only look good, but function properly. I have sites that range from one page information only sites to more indepth sites that include e-commerce. You can CLICK HERE to be able to see for ourself the wide range of business sites we provide.


I have owned and operated many business over the years. I have always used Quickbooks to keep up with the bookkeeping. I am NOT an accountant, but if you need someone to take the burden off of you of catagorizing and loading all of the data from your business, then I am your guy. As a bonus, year end reports and auto filing of 1099’s make the make tax time easier, And yes, I can set up and run your payroll as well.


In todays world you absolutely must  have a strong social media presence. Along with keeping your upcoming play dates available to the public, it is also a way for you to interact with current and potential fans. Most bands and artists at a “local” level are able to handle that themselves. If you find yourself not having the time or skills to make it happen then lets talk.